• Meet your hosts

    Fate seems to have led two Bermuda National Trust leaders to their current positions.
    Alana Anderson, Chair of the BNT Council, and Bill Zuill, BNT Executive Director were born into Bermudian families who had been here for centuries.

    Conversations around their respective family dinner tables may have subconsciously guided them towards BNT involvement. Alana’s father, architect Henry Ming, was BNT President in the 1990s and Bill’s father, historian and author William Zuill, was the first BNT Executive Director in 1972, becoming a force in the international national trust movement. Both William Zuills were journalists, even holding the position of Editor of the daily paper several decades apart.

    “The importance of the national trust movement and the need to protect our heritage was a ‘given’ in our house. Now I have a young child, it means even more to me,” says Alana, an actuary and underwriter at global reinsurance company Sompo International. “But our work today will only be effective if we ensure that it’s relevant to everyone. Inclusion is a challenge for conservation organisations around the world, and I look forward to discussing this with conference delegates next March.”

    “We’re honoured to have been chosen to host the 2019 ICNT,” says Bill. “These conferences are so valuable to the work of the national trust movement, which at times can feel isolated. Exchanging ideas and networking helps us all to do our jobs better. This year’s focus on diversity and inclusion is particularly relevant today, and essential to sustainability of the work. Bermuda has been involved in international National Trust conferences since the 1970s and last hosted the ICNT in Bermuda in 1990. We look forward to showing a new generation of conservation leaders our island!”

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