• Helping the community to care

    A major issue for organisations wanting to engage with their communities is education – in all its forms.

    The Bermuda National Trust (BNT) takes its educational mission seriously, in the knowledge that if people don’t know about or understand what the Trust does then it cannot hope to gain buy-in from the community. In addition, sustainability of its work will be determined by the extent to which young people relate to and value their cultural and natural history and heritage.

    To this end, numerous approaches are taken to enable the BNT to connect with its diverse audiences. As a multi-cultural, multi-racial community Bermuda has many stories to tell and varying perspectives. Our goal is to ensure that the story of Bermuda and her people reflects the diversity of experiences, as inclusive and relevant as possible.

    For students, there are field trips at historic sites and nature reserves with a view to bringing our history alive and contributing to studies in the sciences and arts. Onsite workshops are conducted for professional development of teachers, linking BNT assets and intellectual property to the school curriculum. National Trust camps are offered during school holidays and they include visits to historic sites or nature reserves, hands-on activities, art, crafts and other projects.

    For adults the BNT provides cultural tourism experience for visitors to the island, and conducts lecture series and a range of events for the local population.

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