• 10 things you need to know BEFORE you come to Bermuda

    With about three weeks to go before ICNT 2019 launches in Bermuda, here’s some information to help make your visit as smooth and seamless as possible.

    1. Sign up! You may have bought your airline tickets and booked your hotel room – but not yet registered as a delegate at ICNT. We urge you to ensure you complete this step for the comfort and convenience of all.
    2. Dear Bill: As soon as you have flight information available, please advise Bill Turner at turnerwc@telus.net with the details.
    3. Important deadlines: March 6 is the deadline for hotel bookings at the special conference rate. March 8 is the deadline for responses to the Government House reception.
    4. Arriving in Bermuda: Visitors require a passport and return ticket to enter Bermuda, but no visa is necessary. However, if your journey takes through another jurisdiction, such as the US, you will need to make sure that their immigration requirements are met. Before landing in Bermuda, your airline will provide you with two forms to complete:
      • A pink Immigration form to capture your details, including accommodation: Fairmont Southampton, 101 South Shore Road, Southampton SN02. As a conference delegate, you will go through the Immigration procedure as a visitor.
      • A blue Customs form, only necessary if you’re bringing in goods valued at over $50. Once you’ve retrieved your baggage follow the appropriate Customs signs to exit the terminal building.

    NOTE: Drugs and firearms are illegal in Bermuda.

    1. Getting around: During the conference, transport will be provided to all event venues and conference sites.

    Car rental is not an option in Bermuda – although if you plan to travel independently around the island you can rent mopeds or pod bikes, known as Twizzy’s, at the hotel (bring your driver’s license). Bermuda’s roads are narrow, and the speed limit is 35kph.

    There is no Uber service in Bermuda but licensed taxis can be ordered through www.hitch.bm.

    1. Cash: The Bermuda dollar is pegged to the US dollar – and both are accepted currency throughout the island. Cash machines or ATMs are plentiful, and credit cards widely used.
    2. Climate changes: Literally, the climate in Bermuda changes – sometimes many times a day! So, as the saying goes, bring layers – and a raincoat. Comfortable shoes are also a must. Tidy clothes will be needed for dinner; in Bermuda we call it “smart casual” which is pretty broad but would exclude such items as jeans, T-shirts and sneakers! Temperatures at this time of year range between 70 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) and 60F (15C).
    3. Health & wellness: With luck, everyone will have a healthy, problem-free visit to Bermuda, but visitors must make sure they have health insurance coverage. The alternative, in the event of illness or injury could prove costly.
    4. Crime in Bermuda is low but not non-existent. Visitors should take all normal precautions, i.e. secure valuable items and handbags, lock doors, etc.
    5. Miscellaneous:
    • It’s worth checking out the duty-free shop at the airport on your way to the baggage hall.
    • Electricity is the same as the US (110 volts).
    • The cost of living in Bermuda is high – and you will see this reflected in prices.
    • Emphatically, do not bring illegal drugs to Bermuda and this includes marijuana.


    Some useful links:


    https://book.passkey.com/event/49668522/owner/19579/home (to obtain discount for Fairmont HOTEL SPECIAL RESERVATION use the link above from https://into-icnt.org site)





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