Abstract submission page

Please use this form to respond to our “Call for Papers”
All responses to this call must be submitted electronically using this form and must be received before April 30, 2017

Criteria for those submitting Abstracts:

Abstracts must be limited to 1250 Characters.
Abstracts will be judged according to how well they fit the criteria below, and only a limited number of Abstracts will be chosen for a full presentation. Be aware that with this limited number it will not be possible to choose all presentations!

To be chosen, Presentations must be:

  • clearly linked to the conference theme and at least one of the sub-themes;
  • ‘Non-Academic’ (practical, rooted in experience);
  • Innovative topic/experience (must say something new);
  • Of direct interest to INTO audience (in terms of replicability, lessons);
  • Reflect the international nature of the conference (regional representation, applicability);
  • Not only descriptive (highlights, lessons/reflection points); and
  • Should not exceed 15 minutes in length.

Please ensure that all questions on the form (except the video link and co-presenter).

Abstract Submission

  • Please indicate the name of the organisation you will be representing. If you are not affiliated to any organisation please type in "Not Affiliated" or similar.
  • If someone else will be presenting with you as a co-presenter please provide their name.
  • Please provide the title for your proposed presentation.
  • The theme of the conference is: "Our Cultural Heritage, the Key to Environmental Sustainability". Please indicate which of the conference sub-themes your presentation would address. Check any that apply.
  • Please type or copy and paste your abstract here. Do not exceed the maximum of 1,250 characters (about 300 words).
  • Please indicate which type of venue is best suited for your presentation.
  • Please indicate below what equipment, if any, that you will need to have available for your presentation.
  • Please send us a link to an example of a presentation you have made. This link does not need to be for your intended presentation but should be representative of your presentation style.

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