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Frequently Asked Questions

Bursaries:  How do I apply for a bursary?

Complete the registration form and provide details in the comments section about your request for a bursary.  The ICNT team will evaluate the applications and then contact you.

Bursaries: What can be covered by Bursaries?

The ICNT committee will consider requests for financial assistance and may grant bursaries for any or all of the following: Registration, Travel, or Accommodation. Because there are often more requests than there are funds available we may fund all or part of these financial needs.  Where bursaries are granted for accommodation they will be based on the average accommodation costs. Some funders place specific restrictions on who may receive bursaries that they fund. These restrictions may be geographical or based on other criteria.

Bursaries: When will I know if I will receive a bursary?

The first bursaries will be awarded after a review of those who are registered before December 31, 2016. Recipients of bursaries from this first group will be notified before the end of January 2017. There will be a second group of bursaries awarded following the Early Bird deadline of April 30, 2017. If you require a bursary it is best to submit your registration form as early as possible so that you will be considered in the first group.

Accommodation:  Who books the accommodation?

Registrants are expected to book their own accommodation.  We will be supplying a list of accommodation options and price information.   See also the  Accommodation page for details.   Where bursaries are granted for accommodation they will be based on the average accommodation costs.

Payment: When do I pay my registration?

Submit your registration form on-line.  When we receive it we will process your registration and then send you details of the payment options.

Payment: Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes, we will accept payment by Visa Card or MasterCard using our PayPal facilities.   We will send you details once your registration is processed.

Payment: Can I pay by Cheque?

Yes, we will accept payment by bank transfer or international money order.   We will send you details once your registration is processed.

AMICUS: I am not yet a member of AMICUS, but I do want to join.  What do I do?

Complete your registration form on-line.  Indicate in the appropriate location that you wish to become an AMICUS member.  We will process your registration (at the AMICUS members rate) and then send you payment information for both the AMICUS membership and the ICNT registration.

AMICUS: What does it cost to become an AMICUS member?

AMICUS members typically donate 100 British Pounds per year to INTO. This can be by one annual donation or by monthly subscriptions. By being an AMICUS member you support the work of INTO around the globe. You have access to a special AMICUS concierge and will receive special recognition at INTO events.

Registration: When should I register?

Register as soon as possible. By doing so you will qualify for the Early Bird rates. If you are requesting a Bursary, early registration will insure that your request is considered and if possible funded with the limited amount of bursary funds available.

Currency: What currency is used for registrations?

We quote the registration fees in United States Dollars.   INTO, as a Charity based in the United Kingdom, operates in Pounds Sterling. BPPI as an Indonesian NGO accepts US$ and Indonesian currency. When paying you will have a number of payment options. Details will be provided when your registration is processed.

Electrical Plugs and Adaptors
In Bali and Indonesia you can expect the 2 pin socket and plug as used in larger parts of Europe.
Whether you are staying in a hotel or in a private villa you should be able to get an adapter if you ask for one. The pins are round, not flat or rectangular.
Need an Adapter:
If you come from Australia, Japan, USA, Malaysia, UK, Canada, Singapore, and some countries in Africa you will most likely simply need a plug adapter otherwise the plugs for your electrical appliances will not fit into the “Bali Socket”, although the voltage should be o.k. The standard used in Bali is a two-pin plug (round):
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Information can be found at this link:

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