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Sunday, 10th September 2017

ICNT 2017 Participants Registration and Check-in at Wana Ubud Resort Hotel


Internal Programme for INTO Executive Committee

09.30-12.00: INTO Executive Committee Meeting at Wana Ubud Resort Hotel
12.00-13.00: Lunch
13.00-15.00: INTO Executive Committee Meeting at Wana Ubud Resort Hotel
15.00-17.00: Nyuh Kuning Village heritage walk
18.00-19.00 Meeting with Gianyar Regency and BPPI for final preparations for the ICNT

Monday, 11th September 2017

Location : Masceti Beach

08.00 Coaches leave hotel for Masceti Beach

08.30 onwards Registration

09.00 Welcoming Dance, Flags Parade, Indonesian National Anthem and Multi-faith prayers

10.00 Welcoming Speeches (Catrini Kubontubuh, Hashim Djojohadikusumo, Fiona Reynolds,
Regent of Gianyar: H.E. Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata)

10.50 Traditional dance by local children

11.00 Keynote Address: Denis Ricard, Secretary General of Organization of World Heritage

11.15 Youth Voice for Saving Our Natural and Cultural Heritage: I Gusti Ayu Ratih & Anezka
(Binus School)

11.30 Official Opening of Conference: H.E. Muhadjir Effendy-Indonesian Minister of Culture
& Education

11.45 Art Happening, releasing baby turtles into the sea & Group Photo

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Opening of Photo Exhibition of Gianyar Heritage City and The Richness of Indonesian

13.30 Opening of the INTO Congress
13.45 Congress business
14.15 Launch of the INTO Heritage Trust Handbook
14.45 Congress plenary dialogue
15.15 Closing speech by INTO Chairman
15.30 Close
Traditional Dance & Art Performance for those not attending the INTO Congress
16.00 Flying Traditional Balinese Kites

16.30 Return to Hotel

2). Welcoming Dinner
Location : Panchoran House, Desa Nyuh Kuning – Ubud
19.00 Series of Welcoming Dances

19.30 Greeting from Host : Hashim Djojohadikusumo

19.40 Dinner

20.00 Speech (H.E. Mangku Pastika-Governor of Bali)

20.45 Launch of Nyuh Kuning Heritage App
Interactive Dances (Joged Bumbung, Jaipong, dll) and spontaneous interaction

21.30 Depart for hotel

Tuesday, 12th September 2017

Location : Taman Nusa

08.00 Coaches leave Hotel for Taman Nusa

08.30 onwards Registration

08.45 Briefing for the Day

09.00 Plenary: Summit on the Uses of Heritage (preceded by Traditional Music)

Moderator: Agus Marsudi

Keynote Speakers: Franklin Vagnone and Prof. Laurajane Smith: with HE Basuki Hadimuljono-Indonesian Minister of Public Works and Housing

10.30 Q&A

11.00 Exploring Miniature of Indonesia (traditional houses & art performance)

13.00 Lunch
14.00 Parallel Workshops/ Presentations (to be chosen by delegates in advance):
Each workshop will begin with a short introduction to one of the following examples of Indonesian intangible heritage: Batik painting; Making a Balinese Temple offering (Canang & Gebogan); Umbrella painting; Wayang (puppet) Making; Playing Sampek traditional music. The afternoon will culminate in a traditional dance show.
Group A Workshop on Developing models for the management of heritage places
Moderator: Charles Alluto
Speakers: Patrick Duffy; Debashish Nayak
Group B Workshop on Funding Our Future – Fundraising for heritage conservation
Moderator: John de Coninck
Speakers: Catherine Leonard; Natalie Bull; Bonnie Burnham; SK Misra
Group C Workshop on Developing business plans for heritage organisations
Moderator: Tom Perrigo
Speakers: Irena Edwards; Justin Scully; William White, Laretna Adishakti
Group D Workshop on Intangible Heritage – The heart and soul of heritage interpretation
Moderator: Justin Albert
Speakers: Agung Rai ARMA, Anika Molesworth; Sharon Waterworth; Kamani Perera; Sara Murphy
Group E Individual Presentations on the theme ‘Traditional Knowledge and Local Wisdom for a Sustainable Environment’
Moderator: Geoffrey Read
Speakers: Sylvie Vanneste; IA Dyah Maharani; Dini Rosmalia (with Widjaja Martokusumo); Shovi Maryam; Galina Sophia; Tulus Wichaksono; Dhini Dewiyanti & Diana Astrid Hertoeti; May Thwayhway Ko.
16.40 Depart to Alun-Alun (Grand Square) “Astina”
17.30 Traditional welcome by the Balai Budaya (Art Centre) Gianyar
18.00 Opening of the ‘Folk Market’ by the Regent of Gianyar, in Astina Square
Delegates are invited to explore the folk and culinary market.
21.00 Return to hotel

Wednesday, 13th September 2017

Location : Bali Safari Park

08.00 Leave Hotel in coaches

08.30 onwards Registration

08.45 Briefing for the Day

09.00 Exploring Indonesian Wildlife

10.00 Coffee Break

10.30 Parallel Workshops and Presentations (to be chosen in advance) followed by Q&A

Group A Workshop on Advocacy – What do members expect and need from INTO
‘Voice’ is one of the planks of the current INTO strategy: we are able to put national issues affecting your organisation at an international level where appropriate

Moderator: Fiona Reynolds

Speakers: Dora (Hui-Ting Hsu); Bishnu Tulsie; Emily Drani

Group B Workshop on Volunteers – Developing national standards for their recruitment and rewards

Moderator: Tom Perrigo

Speakers: Trevor Johnson; Justin Scully; Marie-Georges Pagel-Brousse
Group C Workshop – Too Old and Too Boring – How to get young people involved in the heritage movement
Moderator: Catherine Childs
Speakers: Fabrice Duffaud, John De Coninck, Alessandra Varisco
Group D Workshop – National Standards for Cultural Tourism
Moderators: Mark Olson and Matthew Smithies
Speakers: Kiyoko Kanki, Ester van Steekelenburg, Prof. Wayan Windia
Group D Individual Presentations on the theme ‘Creative and Environmentally Friendly Economy’
Moderator: Elisabeth Erasito
Speakers: Catrini Kubontubuh (with Widjaja Martokusumo & Denny Zulkaidi); Taufik Hidayat; Yuri Mazurov; Agustianandi; Susanne Erhards; A Harapan; Nurhikma Budi Hartanti; Juju Wang

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Plenary

Amex Heritage Leadership Panel: New strategies for expanding our audiences

Moderator : Fiona Reynolds

Panel Members: Katherine Malone France, Emily Drani, Bonnie Burnham, Richard Engelhardt
The shift from managing cultural heritage ‘for people’ to managing ‘with people’ is one the National Trust movement has embraced and championed. Our expert panel will share case studies and emerging trends from across the globe around engaging communities where heritage is at risk; how private fundraising can deepen and expand connections; ways in which heritage contributes to sustainable, liveable communities; and the use of programming and unlikely partnerships to challenge perceptions of heritage.
15.00 Performance of Indonesian Traditional Opera “Bali Agung”

17.00 Return to Hotel

19.00 Welcoming delegates to Puri Gianyar Royal Palace

19.30 Dinner in Puri Gianyar Royal Palace

Thursday, 14th of September 2017

Location : Gianyar Botanical Park

08.30 Heritage Walk around the Nyuh Kuning Village

09.30 Parallel Workshops and Presentations

Group A Workshop on Climate Change – What should be saying at COP 23?
We need examples of how to adapt and mitigate from within the membership and the challenges our members and others are facing
Moderator: Oliver Maurice
Speakers: H.E. Siti Nurbaya-Indonesian Minister of Environment; Justin Albert; Simon Molesworth; Robin Yarrow; Cathy Childs, Hashim Djojohadikusumo
Group B Individual Presentations on the theme ‘Towards Environmental Sustainability – People and Environment in Harmony’
Moderator: Dora (Hui-Ting Hsu)
Speakers: Emily Drani/John de Coninck; E Mugisha; Jarunee Khongsawat; Michelle Magalong; P Tabdar; Andita Septiandini; Willie Smits; Tjokorda Gde Tirta Nindhia
11.30 Small Grants Programme
A short seminar led by Geoffrey Read
12.00 Lunch

13.00 Depart for Gianyar Botanical Park

14.00 Tree Planting by ICNT 2017 participants

15.00 Regional Meetings of Asia, Australia, Europe, America and Africa
To include discussion on the Declaration of Gianyar

16.30 Back to the Hotel

18.30 Free Evening

21.00 Informal interviews and discussion with guests, moderated by Oliver Maurice

Parallel: Indonesian Heritage Meeting for BPPI and Indonesian partners

Friday, 15 September 2017

Location : Samuan Tiga Village Hall

09.00 onwards Registration

09.30 Plenary Opening with Traditional Dance and ICNT participants testimonial

10.00 Summaries from Catrini Kubontubuh; Catherine Leonard ; Regent of Gianyar, H.E. Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata

10.45 Gianyar Declaration

11.00 Hand Over from ICNT 2017 to Host Region of ICNT 2019 lead by Oliver Maurice

11.30 Closing Speech – Fiona Reynolds

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Conference ends

Saturday, 16th of September 2017


Delegates to select one of the following: Subak Gianyar Tour; Sanur Beach Tour; Old City of Denpasar Tour or Karangasem Spiritual Tour

Subak Gianyar Tour:
Subak is a traditional Balinese system for water irrigation management which has been in existence for hundred years. This is a manifestation of the Hindu Philosophy “Tri Hita Karana” which means the life balance between our respect to the God as a creature of this earth, the tolerance with other human beings, and our harmony with the natural environment. Hence subak maintains the ritual at temples related with water sources, the rice field and other plantation, and how the democratic system of this traditional organisation is implemented. This tour will explore the old temples of Pegulingan, Tirta Empul, Mengening and Gunung Kawi, and will include a visit to the beautiful panoramic views of terraced rice fields, as well as a light dialogue with Balinese farmers on site.

Sanur Beach Tour:
Sanur is the area known as “The Morning of Bali” as it offers the best location to enjoy the sunrise framed by a quiet beach. Tourist activities started here in the1920s. But this tour will explore Sanur and its hidden heritage. It will demonstrate that Sanur is not only a beach with white sands, but with a lot of valued tradition maintained. There are centres of priest compounds in Sanur, village market related to rice fields that remain among rows of five star hotels. It will be interesting to explore the community activities and the Balinese traditions in this area by bicycle.

Old City of Denpasar Tour:
A walking tour around a heritage compound in the capital city of Bali. The visit will take in a combination of the multi-ethnic old quarter comprised of Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Balinese each with their unique trading activities spread among the rows of shops and houses along the old street of Gajah Mada. A big traditional market of Pasar Badung provides the chance to see varieties of local fruits, vegetables and material for Hindu offerings and goods for Balinese daily life which are on show in this unique market. This tour gives you the opportunity to admire the Balinese pattern of traditional architecture through its system of Catus Patha. This is a crossroads with a sacred value – the zero point of Denpasar and its landmark named Catur Muka statue- with each corner of the big square used for public activities, together with the Jagatnata temple as centre of religious activities.

Karangasem Spiritual Tour:
The unique atmosphere of eastern Bali is manifested by the spectacular panoramic views of the cultural landscape-(saujana) heritage combined with Mount Agung, the biggest volcano in Bali, sea harbour, rows of terraced rice fields, and virgin rainforest complete with edelweiss and local endemic flowers. The tour will offer a spiritual experience in visiting Besakih Temple, the mother temple in Bali, the centre of religious Hindu pilgrimages. This tour will be completed with a visit to enjoy the Festival Subak at Sidemen, an old village known for its Balinese hand woven products.
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