Come fly with us to Bermuda for ICNT 2019, March 27-30

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Brilliant sights and sounds of a multi-cultural island heritage

ICNT 2019 Bermuda - registration is open – sign up now for early bird rates

Going beyond the horizon – ICNT 2019 Bermuda, March 27-30

Registration is open – sign up now for early bird rates

Built to last: preservation with a purpose at ICNT 2019 Bermuda

Registration is open – sign up now for early bird rates

The culture of bringing people together: ICNT 2019 Bermuda

Registration is open – sign up now for early bird rates

The way forward: rules of engagement for sustainability

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ICNT 16 Cambridge in 2015

In September 2015 the National Trusts of the world assembled in Cambridge England as guests of the National Trust (England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

ICNT 17 Was In Bali in September 2017

Our Cultural Heritage, the Key to Environmental Sustainability

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Preparations are well under way for the 2019 ICNT and Early Bird rates apply until 30 October 2018. If you’d like to extend your visit to Bermuda, special conference hotel room rates apply for the nights of 23 March-2 April, which covers three nights before and three nights after the actual event. It’s your chance to explore even more of Bermuda! To Secure your place at ICNT 18, Register now and take advantage of special hotel and airline rates. The conference hotel is the Fairmont Southampton situated on a hilltop commanding views of the magnificent South Shore, location of some of the finest beaches in the world. The 2019 ICNT agenda will be stimulating, and you may want to unwind by enjoying the hotel’s facilities such as beach, pools, spa, golf and tennis courts. To secure your place at ICNT 18 CLICK ON THE PHOTO ABOVE, Register now and take advantage of the special hotel and airline rates.

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What Will We Be Talking About?

Based on feedback from INTO members, the 2019 ICNT programme is being developed to address the many key issues facing national trusts and other conservation organisations today. The main threads will be inclusiveness, education, built heritage, the environment and capacity building. And we believe we will have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced speakers and moderators to guide our discussions. The complete programme is a work in progress, and everything is being done to ensure it reflects the requests and suggestions from colleagues around the world. Bermuda has a number of conservation challenges of its own, many of which are shared by colleagues in other countries. The conference will include field trips and case studies that will not only be useful, but will provide a glimpse into the workings of this magical island, first written about by William Shakespeare in The Tempest! CLICK ON THE PHOTO ABOVE

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Meet Our 2019 Conference Hosts

The Bermuda National Trust will be welcoming and hosting delegates to the 2019 ICNT - in the same year it celebrates the 50th anniversary of its formation. BNT is a charity, established by Act of Parliament in 1969 to preserve natural, architectural and historic treasures and to encourage public appreciation of them. Its forerunner, the Bermuda Historical Monuments Trust, began its work in 1937. Today BNT is the largest private property owner in Bermuda – with 83 properties, comprising 55 historic buildings, 3 museums and 277 acres of open space. Its primary focus is maintaining its holdings, held in trust “for everyone forever”. In order to ensure that its work continues long into the future, BNT focuses on engaging and including the Bermuda community through education programmes and events providing access to its properties, emphasising the value of this unique island heritage. CLICK ON THE PHOTO ABOVE

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Thank you to our Sponsors

We could not have the International Conference of National Trusts without the support of our sponsors and partners.

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Conference News and Views

  • An overview of our locations...

    Aerial View of St. Georges. King Square Bermuda If you’d like to have a better idea of where your days in Bermuda will be spent in March, have a look at the interactive map of Bermuda! Continue Reading →
  • Princess Dana to speak at ICNT...

    Princess Dana Firas is to join the stellar line-up of speakers at next month’s ICNT in Bermuda. President of the Petra National Trust, Jordan’s oldest national non-governmental organisation in the field of heritage protection and preservation, she has been working […]

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  • A story of suffering and courage...

    Photo credit: Face2faceafrica
    Mary Prince may not be an international household name – but she had a significant role in British as well as Bermudian history. Her beginnings were humble in the extreme: she was born about 1788 in Bermuda. Her […]

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Our Members Love our Conferences

Read what some of them have to say about previous ICNTs

The INTO conference is hands-down the best investment I make in my own personal and professional development, and in finding new ideas for my National Trust. Over the course of a few days, I meet with dozens of peers facing similar challenges and doing great work around the world

Natalie Bull (Canada)

I have attended all ICNT meetings since Washington DC in 2005. Every one of them has been an amazing experience. I highly recommend ICNT to anyone who cares about the work of National Trusts.

Bill Turner

I attended the conferences in Dublin, Ireland; Victoria, Canada; and Cambridge, England. Each time we all came away knowing just how connected our concerns are in the face of Climate Change, Limited Financial Support, the need for Partnerships, and Threats which could destroy that which we seek to preserve and protect. Also, the camaraderie of the participants grows with the quality of conference activities: i.e. lectures, workshops, tours, architecture, landscape, gardens, exhibits, decorative arts, ethnic costumes, many languages, and of course many delicious feasts and receptions. I plan to see all my INTO and ICNT colleagues once again in Bali, Indonesia

Peter Dessaier